Accord Pendant Physalis - White
Accord Pendant Physalis - White

Accord Pendant Physalis - White

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Everything started from a family tradition of working with wood,
giving it the time and the attention to turn it into something with
value. Our production process involves the meticulous work of
at least 30 of our employees in the production of one single
piece. By aligning the handcraft techniques taught by our
founders with technology, we find the perfect balance between
tradition and innovation.

We work with the highest quality materials, from the leading suppliers on the
market. These materials allow us to guarantee a high-quality product while we
seek to innovate in forms and processes without losing the essence of our
craft techniques.
Wood in its most varied forms is our raw material base. We use natural wood
veneers and MDF from proven and certified sources for high durability and
easy maintenance.

 Diameter 18.1/8n Height 7.1/4in

Material: Natural Wood Veneer, MDF and Acrylic

Weight (unpacked): 0,90kg/1,98lb

Color Temperature: Lamp Dependent
CRI: Lamp Dependent
Luminous Flux: Lamp Dependent
Light Source E-26 . 1x 25W (max. each) - Fluorescent or LED - Bulbs not included
Input Voltage: 110V - 277V
Input Frequency: 60 Hz
Height Adjustment Limit: 160cm/63in