2in1 Montessori Climbing Set: Snake Ladder + Slide Board/Climbing Ramp

$149.00 $199.00
Our thoughtfully curated Montessori climbing set, encompassing a snake ladder and slide/ramp, is a versatile addition to your child's indoor playground. Designed with the Montessori philosophy at its core, it bolsters muscle development, balance, hand-eye coordination, and nurtures self-confidence. With its space-conscious design, it is apt for children from 1 to 6-7 years old. The snake ladder, offering 8 distinctive positions, in conjunction with the climbing net, elevates this to a comprehensive climbing gym setup.

Remember, versatility is key! All our products are designed to seamlessly integrate. Consider adding a climbing net, triangle ladder, arch, or other enriching components over time to continually refresh and expand your child's play and developmental possibilities.


Crafted predominantly from eco-friendly birch plywood and linden soft hardwood dowels, each piece is an epitome of durability and safety. Our rigorous sanding and polishing processes ensure a smooth and splinter-free finish on every surface. Treated with our special blend of oils and waxes, this set is apt for indoor and controlled outdoor settings. However, for optimal durability, avoid placing it in areas with extreme temperatures or high humidity.


  • Complete Set Dimensions: 4.7 ft (145 cm)
  • Complete Set Weight: 44.4 lb (20.14 kg)

Detailed Components

Snake Ladder:

This uniquely designed wooden ladder is as flexible as a snake, enabling it to morph into various forms such as a zigzag ladder, triangle, square, trapeze, and many other innovative shapes. While we've identified 8 primary configurations, the possibilities are nearly endless, encouraging both you and your child to explore and innovate.

Slide Board & Climbing Ramp:

This dual-function slide board is crafted to deliver a multifaceted play experience. One side provides a smooth slide surface, while the alternate side showcases a climbing ramp featuring 4 wooden planks. This dual design accentuates the playtime experience, enabling your child to climb, slide, and revel in a plethora of fun and developmental activities.

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