Father's Factory

35MM Wood Toy Camera Idea Set ($106 Value)


What is in the box:

    35MM Wooden Toy Camera in walnut x 1
    A vintage wooden flash lightbulb in walnut or beechwood x 1
    Wooden tripod x 1

The set is designed for camera-loving families. Delight your budding photographer with this high-quality wooden toy camera that's sure to become a treasured keepsake.

This set doubles as interior decor when it's not in your budding photographer's hand. 

Crafted of durable, beautifully-grained wood with a kaleidoscopic lens and clickable shutter button, this toy will bring all-day imaginative play to your child and family.

With a walnut camera body, this wooden toy camera is more durable and highly resistant to long-time wear and tear. It has a unique character with attractive wood grain, and it stains and polishes well. 

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