5in1: Wooden Swedish Wall / Climbing ladder for Children + Swing Set + Slide Board + Art Add-on


Introducing the Goodevas Ultimate 5in1 Adventure Set: a comprehensive playset that nurtures your child's physical and creative growth. This all-inclusive combination brings together the best of our Montessori-inspired products, giving your child endless opportunities to learn, play, and develop essential skills.

What's included in the Ultimate 5in1 Adventure Set:

  1. Triangle Ladder: A sturdy, adjustable climbing ladder designed to encourage motor skill development and enhance balance and coordination. Completely foldable.
  2. Gym Add-on: This add-on transforms the Triangle Ladder into a versatile Swedish Wall, perfect for a variety of gymnastic exercises and playtime activities. The included fasteners can only be used on a solid wall, such as of brick or concrete. For drywalls, we recommend consulting your local hardware store.
  3. Art Add-on: Encourage your little one's creative spirit with this art station attachment, providing a dedicated space for painting, drawing, and crafting.
  4. 3in1 Gym Set: An exciting trio of playtime favorites - Disk Rope Swing, Gymnastics Rings, and Climbing Rope Ladder - offering endless hours of fun and physical activity.
  5. Slide/Ramp: A dual-purpose slide and ramp that easily attaches to the Triangle Ladder, providing an exhilarating sliding experience and a challenging climbing ramp.

The Ultimate 5in1 Adventure Set allows you to seamlessly combine all the included elements into one cohesive play space, promoting a diverse range of physical activities and creative pursuits. As your child grows and develops, the components can be rearranged and adjusted to suit their evolving needs and interests.

Invest in your child's future with this exceptional playset that fosters physical, cognitive, and creative growth. With the Goodevas Ultimate 5in1 Adventure Set, you can rest assured that you're providing a safe, stimulating, and enjoyable environment for your child to explore, learn, and thrive.

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