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ABC Baby Activity Teepee


The ABC Baby Activity Teepee is the perfect toy that grows with your baby. They start as a play mat for the tiniest of babies on their backs, and when they learn to roll over, they are enchanted by the graphics of the play mat. Then add the cover and hanging toys, and the curiosity continues as they see their reflection in the acrylic mirror at the base of the hanging mobile. As they get older, remove the toys and the baby has a sheltered place to rest.  The ABC Baby Activity Play Tent features a monochromatic design that helps babies learn ABCs and 1,2,3’s. Geometric patterned mat plus-shaped hanging toys help babies to identify shapes at an early age. The wooden ring is safe for teething, and toys easily detach for babies on the go.  For use on the floor only.  Never leave baby unattended.

Playmat can be used during infancy with a baby on his back. He can look up and see himself in the mirror

Materials: Cotton & polyester 

Dimensions: 35 x 43 x 35 inches

Weight: 3lbs


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