Miniland readahead baby girl
Baby Girl Doll Readhead | Miniland
Miniland readhead baby doll
Miniland Red Hair
Baby Girl Doll - Red Hair 38cm
Baby Girl Doll - Mandy
Baby Girl Doll - Mandy


Baby Girl Doll - Mandy

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Our Redhead Baby Girl Doll Mandy is an adorable and lifelike babydoll for your toddler or little one. Our dolls are made using a safe and nontoxic BPA-Free soft vinyl and lightly scented with vanilla to mimic that newborn smell.

Very well defined facial features and made using soft  Phthalate & BPA-Free vinyl, extremely resilient, and flexible. Articulated head, arms, and legs.  Anatomically correct.

Outfit Sold Separately

Our Miniland dolls are designed to teach children through play. Miniland baby dolls help teach the important concepts of family, coexistence, and respect for diversity. The dolls are dressed in stylish white underwear. Miniland Dolls become a child's best friend, and they're so gorgeous to style in the nursery or bedroom. 

Miniland Dolls are designed in the US and made in Spain. Their bodies are made of smooth, durable, phthalate-free vinyl. Miniland Baby Dolls also have sewn in, realistic hair that can be brushed. Their jointed arms and legs means they can be sat upright. Miniland Baby Dolls have a light vanilla scent and come with undies on.

Available in Asian, African, Caucasian and Hispanic races (each sold separately) and size is approx. 38cm tall.

  • Comes with underwear (clothing not included)
  • Made with an eco Phytalates-free vinyl, they are soft and flexible to the touch.
  • No BPA which is often found in plastic baby dolls
  • Made in Spain


  • Imaginative & Role Play
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Speaking & Listening
  • Social Engagement