Banwood Carry Strap - Black


Tired of lugging around your child's bike? To facilitate for the parents whose little wonders get tired after a full day of riding their bike or scooters. Banwood has created a minimalistic and comfortable carry strap, to make carrying your tired little one and their bike or scooter even easier. 

This Banwood Carry Strap could easily be used in a combination with balance bikes and scooters. Made of durable dacron, and embellished with the Banwood logo. Has vegan leather and available in four colors.


Strap Length: 47 inches

Buckle: Metal

Strap: Dacron Fabric

Ends: Vegan Leather

Can easily attach to the Banwood Bike First Go as well as the Banwood Scooters and Banwood Maxi Scooters.

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