Tree Blocks

Bark-less Tree Blocks - 21 pcs


The Natural classic building blocks with the bark removed, in case you prefer a smooth finish, is perfect for your little builder. 

Wooden blocks have been a staple children’s toy for centuries.  Children of a variety of ages enjoy and benefit from playing with wooden blocks because they allow free thinking and for your child’s creative spirit to flourish.  Your child learns so much by open ended exploration and experimentation.


Tree Blocks’ bark-less blocks set with 21 pieces comes in a muslin bag and is lovingly made in our Vietnam workshop.  We cut each piece precisely in lengths of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10cm so they can be mixed and matched.  The bark is gently stripped away to reveal a smooth finish. You can still see the rings, knots and other natural features of wood. The bark-less blocks are made in Vietnam because the bark slips away from tropical wood much more easily. Our Vietnam blocks are not finished, just sanded for a silky smooth finish.

Environmentally Friendly

We care about the environment so all our wood is reclaimed or from sustainable sources.  Vietnam introduced the 1992 Law on Forest Protection and Development, last amended in 2004.  Article 9 of the Forest Protection Law addresses the basic principles surrounding forest protection and development in Vietnam. Under this Article, forest protection and development must conform with sustainable environmental and social practices.

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