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Introducing the darling "Cheepers," a captivating chicken basket woven from intricate braided cords. This charming creation is meticulously handcrafted, utilizing a unique blend of fibers derived from recycled PET bottles, expertly mixed with our luxurious cotton yarns, resulting in a delightful soft Golden hue. Cheepers, with its Rose-colored beak and gracefully braided legs, is adorned with tufted wings in a cheerful shade of yellow. Beyond its undeniable cuteness, this chicken basket serves as a functional storage solution, bringing a touch of whimsy and organization to any space. Let Cheepers add a dash of charm and playfulness to your home, effortlessly merging eco-consciousness with adorable aesthetics.

COLORS: Golden.
COMPOSITION: 67% cotton, 33% polyester fibers from recycled PET bottles

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