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Embark on a journey reminiscent of a bustling Moroccan market with this extraordinary multi-purpose basket, designed to infuse your space with timeless style and practicality. Every detail of this remarkable piece showcases the impeccable craftsmanship of our skilled craftswomen, as evidenced by the meticulously hand-braided rope that gracefully molds the basket into a distinctive cylindrical shape. Embrace its versatility as it serves a multitude of purposes - utilize it as an elegant pot cover, a designated spot to keep your daily essentials like keys and coins, a charming holder for kitchen utensils, or even as a sophisticated storage solution for your toiletries. Let the allure of Moroccan artistry weave its magic into your home, bringing functionality and beauty together in one captivating basket.

COLORS: Black, Natural
COMPOSITION: 80% cotton 20% other fibres

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