Little Wonder & Co



Once upon a time, a curious piggy ventured to the bustling market and returned with a delightful surprise—a basket brimming with fresh veggies! Part of the charming Oli&Carol garden-themed collection, this practical basket offers both decorative appeal and organizational functionality. It comes adorned with adorable stuffed fabric vegetables, adding a whimsical touch to your space. Perfect for storing toys, clothes, pillows, books, or even groceries, this versatile basket effortlessly keeps your belongings in order. It also doubles as a clever plant pot concealer, blending seamlessly with your greenery. And why not seize the opportunity? Grab it by its handles and embark on a delightful shopping excursion, infusing joy and style into your retail adventures!

COLORS: Natural, Orange, Dark green, Green, Ash rose, Ivory
COMPOSITION: 97% cotton 3% other fibre

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