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Modern Baby High Chair with Grey Pad

This modern baby highchair turns heads. This highchair is also multi-purpose as it is convertible to a task chair, that way after you've expended it's useful life as a highchair for your baby it converts into a useful task chair for your now slightly more grown child. This dual use function also makes this highchair a more eco-friendly option than your run of the mill highchair.

Our new high chair has three defining features that make it amazing:
convertible design, removable feeding tray, and mid-century modern style.
  • Includes 2 Trays 
  • Converts to a Chair

Mid-Century Modern HighChair

This modern high chair is the perfect complement to your open, modern kitchen and dining room area. It is design takes after mid-century modern elements while interplaying the necessary safety elements such as safety harness, width, and stability requirements.  Our solid wood high chair is made with a BPA-free plastic tray that is level 5 recyclable.  

One Chair, Many Uses!
We strongly believe in Use and Re-Use for products which is why we have designed this highchair to serve as a modern chair or use the tray for messy crafts after your little one no longer needs a highchair. Simply remove the bottom legs and it becomes a modern chair for your toddle or child.
Gone are the days of wiping down your high chair after every use.

You simply unlatch the convenient tray and take that over to the sink for a thorough, convenient cleaning. In the meantime your second tray is at attention for your everyday use.

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