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Moby Whale Potty Trainer - Mint


Shipped directly from our partners at Be Mindful.

The Moby Whale Potty is a unique alternative to your existing offering, this potty promises to bring a smile to your patrons. Our little whale potty is not only adorable, but it's also an ergonomic and comfortable way to teach your toddler potty training and how to take the next step in his or her personal growth and development in the bathroom. 

It features a removable and easily cleanable internal container encapsulated by the shell of “Moby.”

Add the book My Friend Moby to double the fun.

Kids love to use their imagination and this potty engages your child's mind as they go through the important steps of figuring out how to use the toilet.

An innovative and fun design featuring an adorable whale that will take your child on an adventure to independence and self-reliance. Our fun and approachable design isn't just eye-catching, it is EASY TO CLEAN, EASY TO MOVE and SAFE TO USE.

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