Be Mindful

Tug of Love - Tug of War Rope


Shipped directly from our partners at Be Mindful.

The Tug of love is the perfect gif for all ages.  Made with all natural, colorful recycled cotton 1.5" thick, this eco-friendly rope is a fun game that you can take anywhere.

At Be Mindful we believe that is important to bring your family closer to build a firm foundation. Strong family bonds will encourage better behavior in children, improve academic performance, and strengthen parent-child communication.

Our Tug of Love™ brand wants to help families who are dealing with divorce to cultivate and protect these family bonds.

SAFETY FIRST: Our rope is made with multiple fibers, this reduces the recoil effect. The only other type of rope that is recommended by the International Federation of Tug of War is the Manila rope, for the same reason. Ours though is SOFT compared to a manila rope.

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