Bunny Hopkins

Bunny Hopkins Wooden Stepping Stones

Bunny Hopkins Wooden Stepping Stones allows your little one to put one foot in front of the other on their way to imaginative adventure. Every piece in the colorful stepping stones set is crafted from natural and sustainably sourced premium American Maple wood. Imaginative and open-end play is not limited to just preschoolers, but children, teens, and even grownups enjoy the challenge of setting up the flat wooden pieces to create an obstacle course. All of a sudden, the path becomes a hot lava trail or perhaps they'd like to stack them. Intrigued little ones get a boost of physically, improve their gross motor skills, develop good posture, reflexes, and better balance.

Stepping Stones give your children the freedom to make it whatever they want it to be. It's an open-ended toy for the family that helps stimulate creativity and promote physical play all while having fun. Each stepping stone is handmade with close attention to even the smallest detail by seasoned Bunny Hopkins craftsmen using American Maple Wood to provide your child's endless imagination with an American Heirloom Quality toy to play with all day. Each circle is 10" in diameter, the widest in the market, designed specifically for the whole family to enjoy. Using only natural and sustainable wood that's smooth and sturdy for even the roughest of imaginative play. The vibrant water-based wood stain allows it to double as a decorative piece in your kid's room.

Final finishing for all variations are done by beeswax. If you are a vegan, please leave a note for us when you place your order, and we will finish it in Tung Oil instead.

Ideally made with ages 18 months and older in mind.

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