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Eco Bath Toy Boats


Our eco-friendly bath toys for babies and toddlers are made from our popular and biodegradable wheat straw plastic. Bath time is more fun with our environmentally friendly eco boats. Our earthy colors are inspired by Scandinavian and minimal design.

Your little one will love linking these sweet little biodegradable water toy boats together and floating through their imaginary adventures. Perfect for the bath or the pool, these eco friendly water toys are sure to be a hit. Take them to the beach to build little boats in the sand. Helps to develop hand-eye coordination as well as tactile water play.

  • BPA Free
  • Connectable
  • Stackable
  • Non-allergenic
  • Water safe
  • Sold as a set of 6.
  • Ideal for ages 6months +

MEASUREMENTS- Approximately 12cm x 6.5cm

What is Wheat Straw Plastic?

Wheat straw plastic is the latest eco friendly material and is a smart, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. It is a premium food grade material and is completely BPA free and has FDA approval. ... It is made from a by-product of wheat production, namely wheat straw. The plastic is created by breaking down the cellulose the wheat straw contains. This process creates the opportunity to make different kinds of polymers. Polymers are large bonds formed by loose monomers that are strong and are used as building blocks to create a substance. Natural polymers are also found in our bodies, like our nails and hair.

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