Tender Leaf

Fantail Hall


Download this free Fantail Hall coloring page to design it yourself!

A magnificent, deluxe 4 story dolls house with a central gable and front elevation resulting in 2 small outdoor patio areas on either side of the front door. A seat, birdbath, Palm tree, pink bush, and potted plant are included to adorn these areas. The central panel opens  and in addition, both side panels open to allow access into each side of the house. Each floor is printed with a different pattern to denote the various room functions. For added grandeur, the front doorway leads on to a pretty Edwardian floor tile pattern.

Also equipped with room dividers and fancy stair cases, opening and closing doors and shutters, rear windows for extra light and roof hinges for access to the attic space.  Self-assembly required. Dolls and furniture sold separately.

Furniture and dolls sold separately.

Suitable for children age 3+

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