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Waterproof Five-Panel Kids Hat - Clay


Our Waterproof Five-Panel Hat in Clay by Rad River Co. is the perfect hat for everyday sun protection for your baby, toddler, and little ones. Made with an adjustable velcro back to grow with your little one and last for years.

Rad River Co. was created for parents who want well-fitting hats for their littles in modern and minimalist styles. Our hats are comfortable enough to wear all day and neutral enough to wear every day. Here’s to the rad!

Sizing Guide

The hats are made with 100% waterproof nylon an adjustable velcro on the back to grow with your little one and last for years.

  • 9-36m: Designed to fit kids aged 9 to 36 months and measures 46 to 50 cm. Velcro is flush at 48 cm.
  • 3-5y: Designed to fit kids aged 3 to 5 years and measures 50 to 54 cm. Velcro is flush at 52 cm.

If you’re unsure of sizing and don’t have a soft measuring tape, place a string/ribbon/shoelace around your child’s head just above the ears and across the mid-forehead (where they would naturally wear a hat). You want the string to be held in place around the head firmly, but not super tight. Don't stress too much — remember, they’re adjustable! From there, use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the string.

Another option is to measure the inside of a hat that already fits your child.

Please note that measurements are in cm.

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