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Forage Feeder Extra Feeder Tops


The gift that keeps on giving!

Using your Forage Feeder multiple times a day? Baby teething? Or maybe the regular sized forage feeder top is too big for your little one? Well we can fix that! With our Forage Feeder Extra Feeder tops. They come in 3 different sized 100% food grade silicone to ensure your baby has an eco-friendly and non-toxic feeding experience, and adds a little bit of relief to your Mama's mind when feeding her little one. 

Be sure to add this to the top of your cart for any occasion! Easter? Yep! Valentines Day? Yep! Everyday Use? Yep, they are good for those too. Whether you're an aunt, uncle, cousin, grandma, or any family member; the extra feeder tops for your forage feeder is the perfect gift! 


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