Moon Picnic

Forest Mushrooms in a Box


For the little explorers and mushroom lovers these beautifully made wooden mushrooms set from Moon Picnic will turn your room or garden into an enchanting forest. Walk around with a basket in your hand, gather little mushrooms for your forest friends.
Adorable for imaginary play and decoration. This is a version in a lovely cardboard box.

Created in a collaboration between Moon Picnic & Erzi

Made in Germany

15 mushrooms in solid beech wood

    About Moon Picnic: 

    Moon Picnic creates carefully designed original toys with a focus on engagement - how the toys can connect to children's daily lives, how the experience can be shared with the rest of the family, how they can interact intelligently and emotionally with the toy, will this play become something to cherish in the memory... these are some of the thoughts that go into designing every toy at Moon Picnic. Each toy is lovingly made to the highest standard with sustainably sourced natural materials.

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