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Wooden Toddler Mini Golf Set


Our wooden mini golf set toy for toddlers is perfect for rainy days indoors and sunny days outdoors. Made using an eco-wood and is entirely plastic-free. The perfect game for toddlers and small children. Our wooden mini golf set includes 3 golf holes and flags, 2 wooden balls, 5-piece rainbow tunnel, 1 bead curtain obstacle, 1 spinner obstacle, one flat bridge, and one wavy bridge. Plus 2 adjustable height wooden putters for your littlest tiger. We give it FORE stars!  

It’s GOOD! It’s WOOD!  It’s GOLF!  Your kids will have hours of fun with our Good Wood Mini Golf Game. So many different configurations make this game different every time. Set up easy to difficult courses to make the game more challenging.

Perfect for young kids 18m+


  • Adjustable Wooden Putter Max Height 24” Min Height 16 3/4”
  • Includes Wooden Golf Ball but is compatible with real golf balls from home
  • Rainbow is 11” wide from the largest piece
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