Green Bean Dump Truck


Your little one will love this big helper! The Green Bean Dump Truck by Dantoy comes with movable dumper and large wheels so it's easy to drive through the sand. Because of the round robust design, the dumper is already suitable for children from the age of two years. 

Contains no phthalates, perfumes, BPA or other types of harmful substances!

Bio-plastic minimizes the CO2 content of the atmosphere and the sugar cane used for this comes from controlled and non-toxic plantations in central and southern Brazil. The sugar cane is harvested every six to twelve months. It is a 100% sustainable raw material. The products can be 100% recycled after use. 

  • Made of sugarcane
  • 90%-94.5% bio based
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% renewable raw material
  • Dimensions: 70cm
  • Suitable for ages: 2 years+
  • Made in Denmark
  • Set of shovel and rake | 100% recycled materials

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