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Helmet - Classic


Kids & Toddler Bike Helmet - Classic

Safety is always the priority! For your child to explore the world on their bike, they need a helmet! Coco Village has designed pretty and comfortable helmets that easily adjust to your child's head. You'll love the designs that match the balance bikes for active and stylish toddlers!

Each helmet meets the highest safety standards so that your child is always adequately protected. All that remains is to go on an adventure!


  • Length : 10" (25.5cm)
  • Width : 7.9" (20cm)
  • Height : 6.3" (16cm)


  • Ideal for ages 2+
  • Lightweight ABS shell
  • Advanced dual density EPS foam liner for maximum protection
  • Side-squeeze buckle for easy adjustment
  • Adjustable Strap under the chin
  • Ventilated with 11 holes (2 at the front, 2 at the back and 7 at the top)
  • ASTM 1447 / CE certified. This product meets all current standards for chemical components and safety in objects intended for child use


Use only mild soap and water to clean the helmet, straps and pads. Do not use chemicals, solvents, paints or hydrocarbons. After each use, allow the helmet to air-dry, then store it in a cool, dry place. Excessive heat can damage the helmet. In direct sunlight, in dark bags, or in the car, it may be hot enough to cause heat-related damage. Damaged helmets will have an uneven or bubbly surface. Do not use helmets damaged by heat.

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