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Hip Shape Wood Sorter Baby Toy


Your toddler will love this wooden shape sorter toy. With a convenient carrying handle, your baby or toddler will love carrying around and showing everyone how fun it is. Includes 15 beautifully colored wooden shapes in our Hip Shape Wood Sorter.

Different shaped wooden blocks fit into the matching shaped openings on the house.  After each shape is deposited, simply open the front door, empty the house, and start all over again.  Wooden carry handles makes it easy for travel or playdates. 

Helps develop:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Color & shape recognition
  • Cause and effect

Mom Tip: This set is geared towards older babies and toddlers for use of the actual sorting but sitting babies can enjoy the colorful blocks right away. Your walking toddler will love carrying this toy around the house and completing the more difficult shape sorting. 

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