Indoor Wooden Playhouse with Triangle ladder, Slide Board and Swings


Goodevas wooden playhouse is a Montessori-style climbing playground for toddlers. Provide your kids with the freedom to explore, create, and develop their own games. The playhouse allows children to show creativity while developing such important qualities as balance, coordination, and motor skills. There are plenty of activities here to keep your child busy with fun:

  1. Large rope climbing wall
  2. Climbing ladder
  3. Trapeze bar with rings
  4. Disc swing
  5. Hanging trapeze bar swing
  6. Slide board/ramp
  7. Triangle ladder

If you wish to diversify the child's play, you can always return for a slide or a climbing net. After all, all our items easily combine with each other.

Attention! This version includes: playhouse, slide, assembly instructions, climbing ladder, trapeze bar with rings, disc swing, hanging trapeze bar swing, as well as the slings and carabiners for attaching the swings to the playhouse.


All elements of the playhouse are made of birch plywood without the use of any toxic substances. All of the wood surfaces are polished until perfectly smooth, which protects your child from splinters and other hazards. All parts of the playhouse were designed with durability in mind so your little one can push, step, and climb safely. During production, each part of the playhouse is treated with linseed oil and beeswax, which allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors. But please, do not use it in places with high humidity. Suitable for children aged 6 months to 7 years old.


  • Playhouse size: 47” x 45” x 66.5" ( 120 x 114.5 x 169.5 cm)
  • Playhouse weight: 72 lb (33 kg)
  • Slide size: 41" or 104cm x 14.4" or 36.5cm.
  • Slide weight: 10 lb (4.6kg)
  • Triangle size: 41" x 23.62" (104 x 60cm)
  • Triangle weight: 20 lb (9 kg)

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