Heddle & Lamm

Mini Bolga Basket - Brown Handle


The mini bolga baskets are handmade in farming villages in the Bolgatanga region of northern Ghana, and are perhaps the best known of all African baskets. They are woven from durable elephant grass.

Perfect for toddlers to carry around their favorite toys, organize little wooden blocks, or use as a lovely Easter basket that will last for many years.

Each purchase helps provide the farmers and weavers in the region with a sustainable way of living. We love seeing our designs come to life through the skill of our artisans. Size: 9" W x 9" T

These baskets are condensed for shipping and need to be re-shaped upon arrival. When you unpack your basket, simply dip it in cold water for a minute or so, no longer. Alternatively, spray it with a hose. Let the basket rest for five minutes, allowing the grass to absorb the moisture and become pliable. Bend and reshape your basket as required. Don't worry, you can't break it. When it dries, it will once again be perfect!

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