kiko+ and gg*

Mame Ohagki Rainbow Counting Beans


It's not always easy learning how to do things with those little fingers!⁣⁣
Make things fun and entertaining with the kiko+ and gg* Mame magical beans set. ⁣⁣
This is a set of wooden beans with a small bowl and chop sticks. They can be used like building blocks by piling them up, lining them up (side by side), or arranging them by color. The beans can be used to teach children how to count, simple addition, subtraction and division.

100 beans, chopsticks, denim pouch, eco-bag

kiko+ & gg* is a minimalist-design wooden toy & gift brand from Osaka, Japan. Founded by two female toy designers, Kaz* and Novi*, the company has been making eco-friendly toys for over 10 years. Working closely with both Japanese and international designers, the brand is known for reinventing disposable plastic toys into longer lasting wooden creations. The items are always created with fun, functionality and design in mind. Products range from fun wooden gum ball machines , magna doodles, retro pay phones, wooden friction vehicles to more educational and open-ended games. All toys are designed to spark creativity and the child's imagination. Made with sustainably-sourced wood and hand-crafted in small batches in Asia.

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