Minikane Jade-Lou Baby Girl Doll


The new Minikane Zoelia  Baby doll is the newest baby doll featuring long black hair and  and straight legs so she can stand up. Barely larger (3cm) and dressed in a swimsuit in trendy colors, they are for the first time offered in a natural cardboard box.

Dolls come dressed with a “Gilda” jersey in Cream additional  Outfits sold separately.

Our anatomically correct Zoelia  baby doll is made using an eco-friendly, non-toxic, and BPA-Free vinyl making them a safer alternative to the regular store-bought baby doll. They are very lightly scented with vanilla and are small enough for your little one to hold. Your little one can dress them up with the Minikane outfits. 

Our Minikane Zoelia  Doll has arms and legs that may be positioned so that the babydoll can sit up on her own (for important tea parties). Doll's legs may also be positioned so they lay down for naptime.

Outfits sold separately.


  • 16 inches 

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About Minikane

Minikane is best known for its high-quality dolls that are eco-friendly and non-toxic vinyl. Partnered with Paola Reina who values the needs of children; granting each product its authenticity, safety, and quality. Manufactured in Spain, the birthplace of the dolls from the decade of 1870s. Paola Reina sees each doll as more than a toy, but with a unique personality that needs to be well taken care of. Parents and children around the world love them for their beautiful and well-crafted designs and ethnic dolls.

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Minikane Dolls are made in Spain and desiged in France. The perfect first baby doll for baby and toddlers.

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