MiniKane Little European Baby Girl Doll


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Our Minikane Little European Baby Girls Dolls are made with love in Spain by famous doll makers Paolo Reina. These anatomically correct dolls are educational and will hold such a dear place in your little wonders heart. Watch as your little one lights up with joy during imaginary play with their new babydoll. Made with a slight natural vanilla aroma to mimic the newborn "sweet" smell. Dress them up with adorable outfits from the minikane brand or even Etsy makers!

Dolls are shipped naked Outfits sold separately.

Arms and legs may be positioned so that the babydoll can sit up on her own (for important tea parties). Doll's legs may also be positioned so they lay down for naptime. Your little one can dress them up with their own NB baby clothes or choose from our outfits.

Mom Tips: If your little one takes their babydoll in the bath with them, just be sure to comb the hair to the desired position and airdry. Arms and legs are removable to airdry as well. Premie onesies fit these dolls perfectly and some smaller NB sized baby apparel as well. These dolls are made to last through all sorts of adventures and are the perfect gift for toddlers and young children.


  • 13 inches (34 cm)

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About Minikane

Minikane is best known for its high-quality dolls that are eco-friendly and non-toxic vinyl. Partnered with Paola Reina who values the needs of children; granting each product its authenticity, safety, and quality. Manufactured in Spain, the birthplace of the dolls from the decade of 1870s. Paola Reina sees each doll as more than a toy, but with a unique personality that needs to be well taken care of. Parents and children around the world love them for their beautiful and well-crafted designs and ethnic dolls.

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Minikane Dolls are made in Spain and desiged in France. The perfect first baby doll for baby and toddlers.

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