Doll Moses Basket


This adorable Doll Moses Basket is perfect for both Minikane & Miniland dolls. The doll bed is woven sustainably by artisans using natural palm leaves your little one will love carrying around their babydoll and putting them to sleep. 

We believe that using natural materials for play teaches children to respect their materials and environment. To take ownership over it and to care for it. 

Natural materials connect a person to nature. 

They feel the grain and they feel the weight. It's just a connection that cold, hard plastic cannot provide.

  • Our handwoven doll Moses Basket is made with palm leaves, making it a 100% organic and natural toy.
  • It will be perfect to stimulate the children`s role play but also could be added to the playroom as a decorative and beautiful item.
  • Made in Mexico
  • Materials: Palm leaves
  • Recommended age: 2+

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