Mushroom House


The cutest rattan dollhouse is a Mushroom House! 100% handwoven and made with organic materials without paints, lacquers, or solvents. Inspired in fairy tales and gnome stories from our childhood in the '80s. Super cute and fun little house in the shape of a mushroom.

The roof is a lid that can be completely removed. The door opens and it comes with 2 windows. Add a little light to turn it into a sweet nightlight! 100% natural with no paints or varnish.

Ethically and sustainable handwoven in Mexico. Recommended age: +4 years old. Measurements: Approx. 27 x 23cm and the light is not included.

About Coconeh

With sustainability and ethics at the heart of their business, Coconeh began designing natural toys for young children and toddlers in 2016. Amsterdam designed and artisan-made. Their toys are inspired by boho, their designs fit into any home and provide not only beauty but also useful storage solutions for your child's toys.

Coconeh uses only natural and sustainable materials to produce unique products that are not only beautiful but respect the environment. Plus, all the products are manufactured by artisans in small villages in Europe and Mexico. You pronounce Coconeh as koːˈkó.ne, and it means ''children'' in Nahuatl. An ancient language of the Aztecs. It is also known as the Mexica culture, an ethnic group in central Mexico.

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