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A gorgeous cast iron style oven to bake good old-fashioned sourdough, country loaves, baguettes... and mouth watering muffins too!

We love the show-stealing oven! The breads and muffins are beautifully smooth for little hands.
It comes with a bread paddle and a chalkboard, providing a lot of fun activities - decorating your chalkboard and taking fresh hot breads out of the oven with the paddle. 

Made beautifully in extremely high quality, with sustainable, certified solid beech wood. 

For a future baking genius in the family who'll make everyone around them happy.

Made with Love!

1 x cast iron oven
1 x bread paddle
3 x breads (sourdough, country loaf, baguette)
2 x muffins
1 x chalkboard
1 x recipe card

All made of FSC solid beech wood, except chalkboard (composite wood board)
Chalk is not included

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