My Mini Dollhouse - 5 in 1


Shipping End of May

Ideal for small spaces and/or parents with multiple children, the My Mini Dollhouse maximizes space, removes the need for several furniture pieces, and inspires children to think outside the box!

The My Mini Dollhouse is a handcrafted, hand painted four-in-one convertible room divider, study desk, bookshelf, or dollhouse.

Quickly and easily transformed, the My Mini Dollhouse is designed to change along with your child adapting to their needs and passions.

The full dollhouse consists of a four-panel room divider, three removable shelves, and three removable vertical partitions. 

The colorful four-paneled room divider is ready to go right out of the box. Add a shelf and the room divider transforms into a study desk. Add two more shelves and the desk becomes a bookshelf. Add the vertical partitions and the bookshelf becomes a dollhouse!

The entire structure can be painlessly assembled and disassembled by hand without the use of complex tools or accessories as the individual elements are cut to easily slide in and out.


Height: 47 in

Width: 33 in

Depth: 17 in

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