Ooh Noo

Ooh Noo Toy Chest on Wheels - Blackboard


The Ooh Noo handmade wooden toy chest in black is a simple wagon that comes with a rope so that you can pull it along or attach it to other wagons. Parents will love it since it's a toy that functions as a storage bin helping to keep playrooms (and living rooms) tidy. This sturdy, spacious, and well-designed toy is sure to be a kids' (and parents) favorite. 


Wipe the side of the blackboard clean of chalk with a damp cloth. Wipe any dirt or spills from the rest of the toy chest with a damp cloth. This will remove grime from general use. Tougher stains like food or color may be difficult to remove. The blackboard sides are only meant for use with chalk, not with marker or pencils. 

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