Plan Toys Kitchen Set


The Plan Toys Kitchen Set is a beautifully designed crafted Kitchen Set that includes stoves with turning knobs oven, a frying pan a pot, and a spatula. With a portable design, it can be used on a table shelf and even the floor.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions:18.2x30.5x38 cm (7.17x12.01x14.96 inch)
  • Weight: 2.5 kg (5.513 lbs)

Additional Information:

About Plan Toys:
We are passionate about child safety
All of our materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly so parents can let their children play without a worry.

We help children develop
We believe that creative and educational play can help them do this! By playing with our educational toys, children learn and evolve in a variety of ways.

We care for the environment
At PlanToys, we use water-based colors that are chemical-free, E-Zero glue that doesn’t contain formaldehyde, and we maximize resource utilization by using leftover sawdust to create a new sustainable material called PlanWood™

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