Play House


A beautiful house curtain to be placed in the bedroom or living room. Who among us as a child has not built a house, perhaps under the table or with sofa cushions? The world of the "grown-ups" can be a bit boundless for a child and it creates a corner where everyone likes to hide and play. Three windows with curtain to play hide and seek or to have some privacy. The curtain comes in a beautiful decorated box. A beautiful gift idea that will last over time  and will be greatly appreciated by young and old.

  • Package: 1 tube for the round structure at the base, 4 for the supporting structure, 4 curved pieces, 1 round piece for the upper part, 1 straight feather and 2 retorts
  • Measurements: 105 x 73 x 100 cm
  • Age: from 3 years

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