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Playhard Hero Factory - DIY Set 2


Fight crime with the power of creativity and Eco-friendly awesomeness!

Made entirely of strong wood with articulated sections connected by elastic string and metal joints, this playtime hero has what it takes to stand up to whatever super villains come their way.

But first - They're going to need some awesome outfits!

Grab the 10 included color pencils and immediately you can get to work coloring and decorating this hero any way you want.

Come up with a theme and a super power. Draw from their made-up origin stories. Give it your own unique superhero emblem.

The highly coveted identity of this hero is in your hands!

Thrillingly designed and brimming with endless creative and pretend play potential, the Play Hard Hero DIY Action Figure Set is a brilliant beginning to the ultimate hero's journey.

Not to mention... It's a great alternative to the plastic action-figure tradition!


  • Wooden articulated action figure with blank surfaces for coloring
  • Encourages creativity, imaginative play, storytelling
  • Bring to life your own custom superhero story!
  • Figure is made of strong, sturdy wood - Exceptionally durable, and Eco-friendly too!
  • Action figure parts connected by elastic string and metal joints
  • Color your super hero any way you want 
  • Includes 1 superhero, 10 color pencils - All packaged in laser engraved wooden box with chalkboard-painted interior
  • Action figure measures 7.25 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Exceptionally strong materials for lasting durability


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