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Playhard Heroes #2 Fir


Playhard Heroes #2 Fir

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A hero of the forest - This tough guy is built to handle any chaotic and over-encroaching situation with ease and even an optimistic smile! If the PlayHard Heroes were to choose a protector, Fir would surely win the vote.

Fir gets his strength from his chest. One of the major elements of the earth, Fir holds the power of fire. He protects and serves as he fights crime.

Built strong with superhero-worthy materials and packaged in an equally tough laser engraved wooden boxes, complete with chalkboard painted interiors, the Play Hard Hero Action Figures are a brilliant alternative to the tradition of plastic.


  • Articulated action figures made entirely of strong, heavy-duty wood
  • Encourages imaginative play, storytelling, communication skills, appreciation for the environment
  • A brilliant alternative to the tradition of plastic action figures
  • Action figures each fully articulated - Parts connected by elastic string and metal hinges
  • Packaged in sturdy wooden boxes with chalkboard-paint interior
  • Pack comes with only one Play Hard Hero Action Figure
  • High quality, hardwood materials for lasting durability, strength, and safety