Pocket Crayons | Cars
Pocket Crayons | Cars | Bean wax
Pocket Crayons – Cars

Pocket Crayons – Cars

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The Pocket Crayons from Googer is the best gift for your little car lover. These fun crayons are made from natural bean wax and all non-toxic ingredients.

Molded into lego-like blocks, they can be played with just like lego to combine play & drawing. Even when the crayons become smaller, you can combine them together in different colors and make your own multicolored drawing tools.

23 color crayons that come in a set of 4 cute boxes, each with a different car design.

 Please note the fit for some blocks may be a little tight or a little loose.


3+ Choking Hazards contains small parts

Size & Components

23 colors 4 paper boxes

Each box size: 1.95 x 3.15 x 0.75″


Bean wax, non-toxic pigments