Rainbow Alligator


The Plan Toys Rainbow Alligator Pull-a-long toy is perfect for toddlers and young children. This colorful Alligator is made from PlanWoodTM. When children pull the Alligator, its head and tail move up and down – making a fun click-clack sound.

What is PlanwoodTM?

After toy production, leftover sawdust is used to create a new material called PlanWoodTM. Additionally, wood chips and rubber tree roots are used to produce electricity in Plan Toys factory. These are only a few examples of how we do our best to turn our use of natural resources into something good!

Suitable for children 12m+

About Plan Toys: 

PlanToys mainly focuses on safe wooden toys made of reclaimed rubber woods that enhance development for children, especially during their first five formative years when parents should encourage children to experience the freedom of playing and the proximity to nature.


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