Rattan Barista


Your little Barista will have so much fun preparing chocolate macchiato's, vanilla bean cappuccino with extra whipped cream and, for you, an extra strong double espresso. he knobs can be turned and the piston comes off. Pretend play at it's best. Handmade out of a beautiful warm teak wood.

Key features:

Rattan Barista Measurements:

Length: 8" 

Width: 5" 

Height: 9.75"


Poppie Toys designs and manufactures toys for young kids using only natural and environmentally friendly materials. With a strong belief that young kids do not need the over stimulation of screens or potentially toxic close-ended toys that will inevitably end up in a landfill, Poppie Toys focuses on creating products that give children the capacity for open ended play. Their pieces are specifically designed to peak your child’s imagination and provide meaningful moments while also looking stylish in any hom

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