Plan Toys Kids Rocking Chair


Our Plan Toys children's rocking chair is an adorable and functional addition to any playroom or bedroom. Our rocking chair is made with sustainable reclaimed rubberwood and is an eco-friendly addition to your nursery.

We see play as a vital and powerful tool for development and learning, and our wooden rocking chair is no exception. By learning and mastering the rocking motion your toddler or little one will be working on their confidence and coordination. Our wooden rocking chair features a stable rocking base.

    • Suitable for children age 13 months+
    • Certified formaldehyde-free
    • Pesticide Free reclaimed rubberwood


Eco-Friendly Furniture

All of our furniture are made from spray-free reclaimed rubberwood and the wood is strengthened using a chemical-free kiln-drying process. The toys are assembled using a certified E-Zero formaldehyde-free glue and then colored using organic pigments and water-based dyes making them completely safe and durable for years to come.

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