Sweet Loreta - Spring Giant Puzzle


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Complete your Loreta collection with the Mrs Ertha's giant puzzle available in 4 models for different age groups.  Each theme corresponds to a doll and has different levels of difficulty. All of them are produced in Portugal, through a mostly manual process with recycled materials and water-based paints, making this a conscious and ecological collection  perfect for your little one.

SUMMER - Difficulty: 24 pieces | Size: 70cm x 50cm | +3 Years
AUTUMN - Difficulty: 35 pieces | Size: 70cm x 50cm | +3 Years
WINTER - Difficulty: 48 pieces| Size: 70cm x 50cm | +4 Years
SPRING - Difficulty: 70 pieces| Size: 70cm x 50cm | +5 Years

For every 5 dolls or puzzles sold, Mrs Ertha  in collaboration with the Helpo (, offers one to a kid. Their goal is to make a difference in the lives of many kids who, in addition to not having toys, do not know that there are some who are representative of their culture.

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