Minito & Co.

Teether Fruit Feeder


Our uniquely designed patented and trademarked Baa Baa Teether Fruit Feeders are made of entire 100% silicone food grade and CPSC tested/certified.

Feeder includes:

- 1 food grade silicone handle feeder

- 1 clear cap made of pp

- S,M,L 3 different size nipples

Why you'll love it:

- Entire feeder is made of CPSC tested and certified silicone

- Free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates, and Lead

- Easy to clean

- Design silicone handle makes it easy for little hands to hold

- Safely introduce new foods

- Promotes self-feeding skills

- Both the silicone handle and nipples soothing on swollen gums and relieves teething pains.


- Wash and inspect before and after each use.

- Disassemble the feeder parts and hand wash in warm soapy water.

- Do not use any bleach-based cleanser. -

Click the middle part and handle when until you hear a clicking sound.

- Please see our picture instruction on our box packaging.

Caution: This item is not a toy. Adult supervision always needed.

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