Keenz Stroller Wagons

The Original Keenz 7S 2.0 - Ultimate Adventure Stroller Wagon - 2 Passenger


The Keenz 7S 2.0 is The Original Stroller Wagon, bringing the very best features of a stroller and the utility of a wagon together for active families! 

When you’ve got a family with little ones that are always on the go, you need something that combines the safety of a stroller and the utility of a wagon. 

With the Keenz 7S 2.0 Stroller Wagon, enjoy the best of both worlds without slowing down. Peace of mind meets a safe, comfortable ride thanks to JPMA stroller certification, two 5-point harnesses, and 4-wheel spring suspension. This two-person wagon features built-in shades that provide sun protection and privacy for diaper changes. They also help to reduce noise and activity when kids are overstimulated, helping with transitions between park play and at-home quiet time.  

Push or Pull, the wagon design means the 7S 2.0 gives your family plenty of options beyond the stroll itself, as you’ll use the 7S 2.0 for trips to the park, the beach, sporting events, gardening, and more. Plus, it comes FULLY LOADED with accessories at no additional expense, allowing you to keep the whole family cruising in comfort. 

For a more flexible, functional way to get out and about, treat your family to the Keenz 7S 2.0 /  2 Passenger Stroller Wagon today. 

What's Included:  All-Terrain Wheels, Canopy System w/ Travel Bag, Cooler, Phone / Cup Holder, Travel/Storage Cover for Wagon, and tons of Storage!

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