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Tike Strike Indoor Bowling Set


Our favorite indoor bowling set is back in stock! Perfect for kids of all ages and built to last.

It's time to STRIKE with this Tike Strike Bowling Set. Made of soft but heavy-duty natural rubber, this set come with 10 pins, bowling ball with cutouts for 3 fingers and a template to teach how to set up, all inside a nifty backpack carrying bag. There is no time to spare, so score!

Mom Tip: This is much more enjoyable than the toddler plastic versions, as it's made with soft rubber and can be played without the loud scraping and sound of the plastic sets of our youth. Enjoy!

About Asweets: Founded in 2003, Asweets is a designer and manufacturer of high-end play spaces, toys, and baby products. They believe in making products that inspire open-ended, creative play allowing kids to learn, explore and grow. Their global footprint allows them to exceed worldwide standards for quality and safety.

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