Tiny Land

Tiny Land® 5-in-1 Montessori climbing set

$199.99 $300.00

Welcome to the summit of fun and adventure - the Tiny Land® Montessori Climbing Set, also known as the Pikler Triangle. This fun-packed set transforms your tot into a mini mountaineer, providing endless opportunities to scale new heights developmentally!

Our climbing set, with Pikler Triangle, is not just designed for the giggles. It's crafted to enhance motor skills, coordination, and confidence. It's like having your own playground that also serves as a Montessori classroom – two birds, one stone, loads of fun!

Constructed from premium, child-friendly wood, our Pikler triangle is as solid as it gets. It's designed to withstand the most energetic of explorations, so go ahead, let them stampede! With our Montessori Climbing Set, your living room transforms into a bustling hub for little explorers.

More than just climbing, we've also added a slide attachment to the set because we believe what goes up should come down with a laugh! It's not just about reaching the peak but also enjoying the journey down.

Suitable for tiny adventurers to energetic kindergarteners, our Montessori Climbing Set, aka the Pikler triangle, is the perfect addition to any home, daycare, or preschool. It's fun, it's functional, and it's ready for action. Peak playtime, here we come!


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