Tiny Spoon | Blush
Tiny Spoons BPS, PV
ezpz Tiny Spoon | BPA free
ezpz Tiny Spoon | BPA, BPS, PV free

Tiny Spoon (2-pack) - Blush

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The ezpz Infant Spoon is a great help to promote feeding independence by focusing on fine motor and feeding development.

• Soft silicone provides sensory protection for baby’s developing teeth & makes mouthing and self-feeding safe (vs. plastic or metal)

• 100% food-grade silicone is free of BPA, BPS, PV, phthalates, lead, and latex

• Arc of bowl makes dipping more effective and helps develop lip + jaw closure

• Narrow spoon, tactile bumps and raised rim activate tongue and lip movement and prevent gagging

3.8" l x 0.9" w x 1" h