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Your little wonder will love to discover and explore with these treasure tubes. What makes a fun noise when you shake it? Find trinkets, natural materials and sensory objects to collect in the beautiful, stackable Treasure Tubes. The round, transparent acrylic tubes with removable covers hold small objects to observe, display or rattle. Ideal for color and sound exploration and light table activities. Holds marbles, beads, twigs, leaves, small toys and more. Stack the tubes on top of each other to customize play experience. Easy-to-remove wooden top keep objects securely in place until ready to be replaced. Avoid using wet materials in Treasure Tubes for extended periods of time as it may cause mold.

Set of 8.

Largest Tube measures: 3″Dia. x 5.75″H.

Smallest Tube measures: 3″Dia. x 3.5″H. Ages 3+.


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