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Who will be the first to knock the honey pot down? Kids can take it in turns to build their teddies up on each wooden ring with our fun Tumbling Teddies set. This playful wooden teddy bear game is great for interactive group play and encouraging children to use their strategy skills.

Children have to simply roll the dice to reveal a colour and take the bears off one at a time until they all come tumbling down! This wooden toy set is made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials so can endure lots of teddy bear falls and tumbles! Conforms to European safety standards.

Tumbling Teddies product features:

  • Wooden teddy bear game
  • Made from sustainably sourced wood
  • Coated in non-toxic paint
  • 14.9cm L 40.8cm H 14.9cm W
  • 3 years +

How To Play Tumbling Teddies

To set up the pieces:

  • Place a ring on the table 'feet up'. Stand one of each coloured bear in a circle, facing out (random numbers throughout)
  • Make a tower of ring, bears, ring, bears until all the rings and bears have been used up.
  • Place the full disc on the top of the tower and stand the honey pot on the top.

Youngest player goes first, then in turns clockwise.

Claim the honeypotfor 2, 3 or 6 players

Decide which player is collecting which coloured bears - all six colours should be allocated to the players.

1. Roll the dice and pick a bear of the colour (s) you have chosen to collect if the spot on the dice is your colour. If it is not your colour(s) miss a turn picking up a bear.

2. Continue taking turns until all the bears are gone.

3. If the tower collapses on your turn, the person to your left claims the honeypot and is the winner.

Collect a bear family - for 2-6 players

1. Each player chooses a colour to collect. The aim is to collect all six bears of the same colour numbered 1-6, plus the honeypot, without the tower collapsing.

2. Roll the dice and pick a bear in your colour but keep the tower intact

3. Continue to take turns only claiming a bear when the colour of bear you are collecting is rolled.

4. Once your bear family is complete you must collect the honeypot for the bear family to enjoy. You must roll a yellow dice to collect the honeypot!

5. The winner is the person who collects their 6 bear family plus the honeypot with the remaining tower intact.

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